Cook out Menu With Prices

Cook Out is a chain of fast-food restaurants mostly in the Southeastern and Eastern parts of the United States. The prices on the Cookout menu are about average for a fast food place of this kind.

Cookout Menu With Prices

Morris Reaves started the Cook Out chain of fast food restaurants in the United States in 1989. In Greensboro, North Carolina, the first Cook Out restaurant opened.

At the moment, there are 290 Cook Out locations that are open for business. This chain of restaurants is best known for serving customers American fast food favourites.

Cook Out is a fast-paced place where families feel welcome. It is known for having great deals, whether you order a Cook Out Tray combo or choose to order items individually.

It’s a great place for the whole family to go for a cheap but tasty meal, with lots of options so everyone can get what they like best.

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There are a lot of burgers, milkshakes, and barbecues on the Cook Out menu with prices. On their menu, they have Cook-Out trays, char-grilled hamburgers, char-grilled chicken breast, char-grilled hot dogs, wraps, sides, milkshakes, desserts, and drinks.

Cookout Menu With Prices


Cook Out menu includes some classic American fast food items like hamburgers, sandwiches, chicken tenders, quesadillas, cleaved pork BBQ, sausage, wraps, and different sides. Moreover, they additionally have milkshakes and cheesecakes as well.

The restaurant is very proud of the fact that its hamburgers are always made from scratch and never frozen. Most of the time, they are cooked “outdoors-style” on a grill. All of the food is made from scratch when people order it.

If you want something sweet, milkshakes from Cook Out are a great choice. There are more than 40 flavours of milkshakes to order from. On top of that, you should also try the hot dogs and sandwiches at Cook Out.

The staff at Cook Out is very friendly and the restaurant’s ambiance is very calm and comforting. You can’t go back to the restaurant after you’ve been there.

Cook Out menu prices are about average for a fast food restaurant of this type. A normal meal here will cost about $10. So, without further ado, let’s look at the full menu and prices for Cook Out.


Cook-Out Trays

Includes 2 Sides or Double Up & Drink

Hamburger Regular $4.99
Barbecue Regular $4.99
Hot Dogs 2 Pc. $4.99
Big Double Burger $4.99
Quesadilla – Chicken or Beef $4.99
Chicken Regular $4.99
Cajun Chicken $4.99
Spicy Chicken $4.99
BBQ Char-Grilled Chicken $4.99
Chicken Strips 3 Pc. $4.99

Cookout Menu With Prices


Homemade Char-Grilled Hamburgers

Hamburger Small $1.39
Hamburger Regular $2.79
Hamburger Big Double $2.99
Hamburger Huge $3.39
Cook Out Style Small $2.24
Cook Out Style Regular $3.64
Cook Out Style Big Double $3.84
Cook Out Style Huge $4.24
Out West Style Small $2.14
Out West Style Regular $3.54
Out West Style Big Double $3.74
Out West Style Huge $4.14
Steak Style Small $2.04
Steak Style Regular $3.44
Steak Style Big Double $3.64
Steak Style Huge $4.04
Cheddar Style Small $2.38
Cheddar Style Regular $3.78
Cheddar Style Big Double $3.98
Cheddar Style Huge $4.38

Cookout Menu With Prices


Char-Grilled Chicken Breast

Original Style $3.39
Barbecue Style $3.39
Cajun Style $3.39
Club Style $3.99
Cheddar Style $3.99

Cookout Menu With Prices


Crispy Spicy Chicken Breast Fillet

Regular Spicy Style $3.39
Cheese Style $3.79

Cookout Menu With Prices


Homemade Style Chicken Strips

Chicken Strips with Sauce 3 Pc. $3.39
Chicken Strip Sandwich $3.39
Chicken Strips Club $3.99
Chicken Nuggets 5 Pc. $0.99

Cookout Menu With Prices



Quesadilla – Chicken or Beef 2 Pc. $2.99

Cookout Menu With Prices


Chopped Pork BBQ

BBQ Sandwich $2.99
BBQ Plate $3.99

Cookout Menu With Prices


Char-Grilled Hot Dogs

Hot Dog $0.99
Cook Out Style $1.85
Mexi Style $1.99
Bacon Cheddar $1.99

Single Items

Hot Dog with Cheddar Cheese $1.39
Hot Dog with Chilli $1.45
Corn Dog $0.99
Cheese Dog $0.99
Mustard Relish Hot Dog $0.99
BLT Sandwich $0.99

Cookout Menu With Prices



Bacon Ranch Wrap $0.99
Crispy Chicken Cajun Wrap $1.79
Crispy Chicken Ranch Wrap $1.79
Crispy Chicken Honey Mustard Wrap $1.79


Hushpuppies 12 Pc. $0.99
French Fries Regular $0.99
French Fries Large $1.69
Cook Out Fries with Cheese $1.39
Cook Out Fries with Chilli $1.45
Cook Out Fries with Cheese & Chilli $1.85
Onion Rings $1.99

Cookout Menu With Prices


Floats & Cheesecakes

Coke Float $1.79
Cheerwine Float $1.79
Cheesecake (N. Y. Style) Slice $1.99

Cookout Menu With Prices



Vanilla $2.79
Hershey’s Chocolate $2.79
Strawberry $2.79
Fresh Banana $2.79
Banana Berry $2.79
Banana Nut $2.79
Banana Fudge $2.79
Banana Pineapple $2.79
Banana Pudding $2.79
Blueberry $2.79
Chocolate Perry $2.79
Red Cherry $2.79
Fresh Peanut Butter $2.79
Peanut Butter Banana $2.79
Peanut Butter Fudge $2.79
Cappuccino $2.79
Caramel Fudge $2.79
Caramel $2.79
Pineappple $2.79
Snickers $2.79
Hi-C Pinch $2.79
Walnut $2.79
Oreo $2.79
M&M $2.79
Oreo Mint $2.79
Peach $2.79
Chocoloate Chip Mint $2.79
Chocolate Nut $2.79
Mocha $2.79
Peach Cobbler $2.79
Reese’s Cup $2.79
Orange Push Up $2.79
Cherry Cobler $2.79
Chocolate Malt $2.79
Heath Toffee $2.79
Double Chocolate $2.79
Chocolate Cobbler $2.79
Blueberry Cheesecake $2.79
Caramel Cheesecake $2.79
Cherry Cheesecake $2.79
Choc Chip Cheesecake $2.79
Strawberry Cheesecake $2.79


Fresh Brewed Tea (Sweet or Unsweetened) Large $0.99
Fresh Brewed Tea (Sweet or Unsweetened) Huge $1.79
Fountain Drinks Regular $1.39
Fountain Drinks Large $1.79
Fountain Drinks Huge $1.99

Cookout Popular Menu Items

On the Cook Out menu, the most popular items are the 100% fresh, never frozen beef burgers and the more than 40 kinds of hand-spun shakes.

There are many things on the menu that you wouldn’t expect to find at a typical fast food place, like chopped pork BBQ, Cajun-style chicken, and char-grilled hot dogs.

Check out the side dishes that Cook Out has to offer as well. Some of the things you can add to your main dish to make what are called “Cook Out Trays” are hushpuppies, coleslaw, and quesadillas.

Looking for some lighter fare? Try the chargrilled chicken dishes for a smokey taste. You’ll want to save room for a dessert float, after all.

Here are some of the most popular items on the menu:

Hamburger Cook Out Tray

Cookout Menu With Prices

The great combo deals are one reason why Cook Out is so popular. This deal comes with a regular burger, two sides, and a drink. If you want something other than fries, try the tasty onion rings and a cup of chilli as your sides.

Crispy Spicy Chicken Breast Sandwich

Cookout Menu With Prices

Try this hot fried chicken sandwich if you’re looking for something spicy. You can eat it plain or with a slice of cheese on top. Choose the creamy coleslaw for a cool and refreshing bite that makes a great side dish.

BLT Sandwich

Cookout Menu With Prices

This American favourite from a diner is now on the Cook Out menu. It’s a great snack, or if you just want an excuse to say you ate dinner before your milkshake!

Steak Style Burger

Cookout Menu With Prices

There are several great themed burgers made from fresh (never frozen) ground beef and perfectly matched toppings. This is a popular choice featuring A1® sauce, hot grilled onions, and cool mayo, lettuce and tomato.


Cookout Menu With Prices

Cook Out has become a family favourite for milkshakes because it has more than 40 flavours to choose from. The shakes are made by hand when you order them, so you can get them just the way you want. Just be careful, because if you ask for it to be extra thick, you will need a spoon.

You can also check secert menu of cook out.

CookOut Nurtition Information

cook out has given fat, calories, sodium, and nutrition information for every item on the menu.

Check out nurtition information Click Here

CookOut Working Hours

There are just under 300 Cook Out restaurants in 10 states, so you can expect all of them (or at least most of them) to have the same hours. But if you want to know more about that, you should check out the Cook Out website. Here, though, you can see the typical hours of a Cook Out:

Working Days Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 10:30 A.M. 3:00 A.M.
Tuesday 10:30 A.M. 3:00 A.M.
Wednesday 10:30 A.M. 3:00 A.M.
Thursday 10:30 A.M. 3:00 A.M.
Friday 10:30 A.M. 4:00 A.M.
Saturday 10:30 A.M. 4:00 A.M.
Sunday 10:30 A.M. 4:00 A.M.

Cookout Holiday Hours

You may be wondering if Cookout is open over the holidays or not. We’ve already told you when this fast food place usually closes and opens on holidays, so there’s no need to worry.

Most restaurants are open during the holidays, but they are closed on some public holidays. Look at the Cookout Holiday List to find out if the restaurant is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other holiday. Plan your trip so that you can get what you want.

On which Holidays Cookout Opens?

  • Veterans Day
  • Independence Day (4th of July)
  • Labor Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
  • Columbus Day
  • Good Friday
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Black Friday
  • Presidents Day
  • Halloween
  • Father’s Day
  • Tax Day
  • New Year’s Day
  • Easter Monday
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day (MLK Day)
  • Christmas Eve
  • New Year’s Eve
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Cinco de Mayo

On which Holidays Cookout Closes?

  • Christmas Day
  • Easter Sunday

Cook Out Location

Cook Out Review

Since Cook Out is a chain of fast-food restaurants, you don’t need to call ahead to make a reservation. Cook Out restaurants, on the other hand, are usually kept clean and tidy, and the staff is friendly. Most Cook Out restaurants have a drive-through, but you can also get takeout right at the restaurant.

Cook Out is now known as one of the best fast-food restaurants in the United States. This is because of the low prices and high quality of the food (at least, in comparison to other fast-food restaurants).

All of this made people fall in love with the company. Also, the restaurants of the company are usually open until late at night or early in the morning, which is very convenient for the customers.

The company’s menu also has a lot of options and tastes great. On the menu, there are hamburgers, trays, chicken strips and breasts, hot dogs, quesadillas, pork BBQ, wraps, milkshakes, floats, and cheesecakes.

Overall, one could say that Cook Out is one of the best fast-food places in the United States.

 About Cookout

The prices at Cook Out are reasonable, which is one reason why the chain is so popular, especially with groups of family and friends who want to eat home-cooked meals without all the work.

Most days, the restaurants are full of people of all ages, from small children to grandparents, who enjoy the family-friendly atmosphere, great food and drinks, and sense of community.

There are also a lot of young people, like millennials and young professionals, who like to hang out at Cook Out.

Cook Out also has almost every American favourite, from burgers and hot dogs to milkshakes. Make sure you’re hungry so you can get the most out of your money. Look, Ma, there are no leftovers!

Cookout History

Sometime in 1989, the first Cook Out restaurant opens for business in Greensboro. After nine years, it opened its 10th branch in the City of Winston-Salem with no problems.

A year later, the slogan “Always Fresh, Never Frozen” was created when the company opened its Cook Out meat commissary. There, all of the company’s meat is ground, pattied, and sent straight to each store, ensuring that the products are always fresh and haven’t been sitting around for too long.

Cook Out used to only have locations in North Carolina, but in 2010, its first store in South Carolina opened in Spartanburg.

It is now in Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, West Virginia, Mississippi, and Alabama, along with the original four. It opened its 100th store in Florence, South Carolina, in 2012.

In 2015, the company went back to its roots and opened its first sit-down restaurant in Greensboro. More than 290 Cook Out restaurants are open and serving good food right now.

Cook Out Contact Information

Cook Out Contact Information

Cook Out Corporate Office Address: 1123 Randolph St, Thomasville, NC, 27360, USA

Cook Out Corporate Phone Number: 336-431-1094

You can also contact the team of Cook Out by using the contact form on their website

Cook Out Important Links

Cook Out Important Links

Official Website
About Cook Out

Cook Out Social Media Handles

Cook Out Social Media Handles

FAQs About Cook out Menu With Prices

FAQs About Cook out Menu With Prices

What is a cookout?

This page has the most up-to-date prices for the Cookout menu, and it is updated often. Cook Out is an American chain of fast-food restaurants that serves hamburgers, chicken and pork meals, quesadillas, milkshakes, and frosts. People like this chain of fast-food restaurants because the prices are low and the food is good.
Cook Out is a chain that is religious, just like many other family-owned Southern restaurants. So much so that it is said to encourage restaurants to play Christian music over the loudspeakers.

How much is a Cook Out shake?

Shakes from Cook Out cost between $2 and $3. They come in different flavours like Vanilla, Strawberry, Hershey’s Chocolate, and Fresh Banana.

What is the menu at Cook Out?

On the menu, there are hamburgers, trays, chicken strips and breasts, hot dogs, quesadillas, pork BBQ, wraps, milkshakes, floats, and cheesecakes. Overall, one could say that Cook Out is one of the best fast-food places in the United States.

What time does Cookout open?

Every day at 10:30 am, the Cookout restaurant opens.

Soy sauce, mustard, garlic, molasses, and red habanero peppers are carefully mixed and slowly simmered with real, malty American lager to make a tangy, sweet Southern twist on the traditional barbecue sauce with lots of hoppy flavour.
You can choose two different sides, or if you really like one, you can “double up” and get two servings of that side. Fries (regular or Cajun style), quesadillas, bacon wraps, corn dogs, chicken wraps, hushpuppies, onion rings, and more can be ordered as sides.

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